Top 6 powerful countries in the world

 Top 10 powerful countries in the world


  In this article , we are going to see about most powerful countries in the world .. this list is ordered by comparing military, economic, war strategies, their friendly countries, nuclear weapons,new innovations.

 Note : This article is not to encourage the war or violence among the countries . And it’s is only for education purposes.


1) United States of America

   The USA is world’s most powerful countries in the world, and the military of USA is also gave of rent to other contries .

  The USA fulfills the standards to be considered a nation. However, the USA isn’t any longer the sole oppose foremost nation and also the world’s sole hyperpower to dominate in each domain (i.e. military, culture, economy, technology, diplomatic)

GDP – $20.5 trillion

POPULATION – 327.2 million


  United States of America is that the world’s largest economy and largest military budget, payment over $649 billion on military hardware and personnel in 2018.


     Russia is that the second powerful country within the world . it is also a equal challenger to the us of America. Russia is the one of the nuclear weapons producing country within the world .

GDP – $1.7 trillion

Population – 144.5 millio



    The economic size of a country is one in all the foremost necessary factors that determines its military and political importance within the world. an outsized economy is required to supply the means provides the country military and political weight within the world. therefore it’s clear: Russia is boxing higher than its economic weight on the international value.


 3) China.

   China is the third powerful countries in the world.There are 2 banks from China which make to the world’s largest banks as of 2018. 

  China has it’s own search engine, video streaming platform and chat apps and most Chinese do not use Facebook, Google, YouTube, WhatsApp or makes china most powerful countries in the world.China is the leading manufacturer in the world and almost all the tech companies and product companies manufacture their products in China.It is also make china powerful countries in the world. 

GDP – $13.6 trillion

POPULATION – 1.4 billion

China is the third powerful countries in the world. To counter-act the chinease illegal invasion to other contries, the United Nations of America and other contries decided to stop their games ,application and some imports to their countries

Example .. pubg , tik-tok, cam scanner , online loan apps , share it are banned …for illagal data stored in their Chinese database.


4) Germany

   Germany is the fourth powerful countries in the world, Germany contains a study stable economy, they’re running a budget surplus and it’s still the country of alternative for immigrants from everywhere Europe and alternative continents because of the good job opportunities and work-life balance. Berlin, the capital town of Federal Republic of Germany, has branded itself because the home for start-ups in order that they ar undoubtedly staying relevant by encouraging innovation.

GDP – $4.0 trillion

POPULATION – 82.9 million

it’s the most inhabited nation within the European Community, possesses one amongst the most important economies within the world and has seen its role within the international community grow steady since reunion .


5 ) United Kingdom ( UK )

The country’s role on the global stage faces new questions as the nation has withdrawn from the European Union. The Brexit process sets out new rules for how the U.K. and the European bloc will operate with each other. For example, the freedom to live and work between the U.K. and EU has come to an end and U.K. citizens will need a visa if they want to stay in the EU more than 90 days in a 180-day period.

GDP – $2.8 trillion

POPULATION – 67.0 million

The United Kingdom is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, and is a member of major international organizations including the European Union, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, NATO and the Group of 20.

06) India

  The Military of Republic of India maintains the biggest active duty force within the world as of 2020, whereas the Indian Paramilitary Forces, over 1,000,000 strong, is that the second largest paramilitary unit in the world. Combined, the whole soldiers of Republic of India are 2,414,700 strong, the world’s third largest defense.

  As per 2015 Credit Swiss Confederation report, the Indian soldiers is that the world’s fifth-most powerful military, whereveras the 2020 GlobalFirepower report lists it because the fourth most-powerful military.

The central position of Republic of India, its impressive resources, its abundant multitude of men, its nice mercantilism harbours, its reserve of military posture, activity a military perpetually in an exceedingly high state of potency and capable of being hurled at a moment’s notice upon any purpose either of Asia or Africa–all these are assets of precious worth. On the West, Republic of India should exercise a predominant influence over the destinies of Persia and Afghanistan; on the north, it will veto any rival in Tibet; on the north-east . . . it will exert nice pressure upon China, and it’s one in every of the guardians of the autonomous existence of siam .

Conclusion :

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