google hacking cheat sheet

Google hacking cheat Sheet :


Google hacking Using google to fetch the confidential information is called Google hacking.
Google dorks can be defined as keywords that can get you confidential information like :
  1. Admin panel of web page
  2. Passwords of premium accounts
  3. Access to confidential information
What’s not? Google dorks make your task easy.
Let’s discuss some dorks which I found out to be important out of 1000’s.
Google hacking


1) file type :

     It is the one of the dorks which provides information of the search with the file type you mentioned.

2) Site :

     This dork provides information you wish to see in particular site.

3) Calc :

     It provides accurate answer with in milli seconds to your mathematical operations.

4) Cache :

     Retrives the copy of website from google servers and presents how it was when google not crawled.

5) Obtaining credit card information :

     This dork provides the information of credit card pins. Which are saved in .sql dump files.

6) CCTV :


      It broadcasts live streaming of CCTV’S in various locations.

7) weather :


      This is particular dork gets the information about temperature In Particular location.




foot1 foot2
Untitle: rapid share
will get you login details of rapid share
Filetype:men inurl:user:mdb Many user Store their passwords ms access and most of them don’t keep passwords for that files…we can find out the mdb files using this dork.
Filetype:day “password.dat” This stores the passwords in plain text format
Allinurl:cdkey.txt password of protected CD’s.
Inurl:admin filetype:asp
Backup filetype:sql self-explanatory
Users and passwords filetype:xld self-explanatory
Inurl: backup intext:mysql_connect Source code which has mysql_connect function
Title:”Index of /”
juicy info of joomla cms
finds admin login panel

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