Windows password cracking

How to crack windows password .

 Definitely…  We can windows password in a seconds...

Operating system password bypassing or cracking is very interesting topic for many people including me. Some people including me.

 Some people feel password can protect their confidential data . Infact that’s not true. If a system is in network or if someone could access it physically then they can access data. Ofcourse we are going to see some techniques of protecting them too .

  So let’s check…

   As we discussed in social engineering chapter the best place to save your password is your brain.
But what about computer which doesn’t have a brain like human. It has to save in its memory device . Almost all operating systems won’t save your password as it is ;
Because OS vendors know the hackers exist to see some ones password:P, So operating system encrypts password before saving it in the memory device .
All NT windows  operating system saves encrypted passwords in SAM file. It is located at OS installed
drive -> Windows ->System 32 -> config -> SAM
There are lots of crackers which take these hashes and break the passwords of your operating system. So let’s start exploring them.

Someof the popular password bypassers and cracker

  •  Konboot (Bypass password for MAC& windows)
  • Ophcrack
  • L0pthcrack.
  • Chntpw
  • Cain and able
  • John the ripper (JTH)
  • Hirenboot live DVD/CD
  • Sam inside, etc



  This is one of my favourite tools which bypasses password of many windows system and MACOSx .

  You can download this tool from

  2. Ophcrack .

   This is another fantastic tool which reveals passwords of your windows operating system with the help of dictionary attack or rainbow tables

This tool is also available as a suite in backtrack os. Let’s start cracking my OS password now.

Download from

3.Cain and Able


    This is an sniffer cum cracker. One of the fastest and best tools among password cracker. It can crack windows , WEP,WPA passwords lots more..

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