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LED Calling Light | Edge Lighting App

Hello to all friends. The post we are going to see today is that when we receive an incoming call on our mobile phone, should it light up like a color led light on the screen of our mobile phone? It has a great application. We can keep this with that application. I have given the link of the required application under this post. Click on that link and download it.

After downloading open the application. After doing it will ask some permission. Give that permission. After giving it many themes are given. Which themes do you want in it? Select that theme. Apart from that some options are also given in it. You can also change those options if you want to change something. After completing all these this application will start working for you. Once this application starts working, if someone calls you, the edge light will light up on your phone when you receive a call. It will glow in color like an LED light.

This kind of super feature is what application you are using. I hope this application will be your favorite. If you like this application then share this post with your friends. And meet with a good post.


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