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How To Play Youtube Music When Screen Off For Free | Music Player

Hello to all friends. The record we see today is that on our mobile we can use youtube premium to listen to the songs on youtube even after turning off the mobile screen. But we have to pay for this youtube premium. So you don’t need to pay for youtube premium using the application we are going to see today. There is another super application. With this application you can also listen to songs in this application just like how you can listen to songs after screen app in youtube premium. This application is used for this.

Youtube Music
Youtube Music

The link to download this application is below this post. Click on that link and download it. After downloading install this application on your mobile. After installing it, use this application to search for the songs you want to listen to on YouTube. After downloading and playing it, this application will play the songs for you. Now even if you turn off the screen this song will keep playing.

This application is very useful for this. This application is a super application. Try this application. Try this application and post your best comments. And meet with a good post.


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