Hacking Mobile platform

Mobile hacking platform :

   When one tries to go back from where hacking started …?, he would come to know that hacking originally started as phreaking.



  1. Phreaking .
  2. Mobile malware .
  3. Android .
  4. Android Malwares .
  5. Analysing Android Malwares .
  6. Basic mobile security tips .
  7. Remember .
   1. Phreaking is a term given to people who   like to hack around with tele communication system, causing them to work how they(phreakers) want.
  The current day mobile hacking is through somewhat different than how it started . There are a lot of mobile phones . Operating system existing right now including Symbian, Blackberry OS , IOS , Android OS and so on. In order to get control of this device .
  2. Mobile malwares is not a new term. The first mobile malwares appeared on the Symbian OS In 2004 , one of the most popular mobiles OS at that time . 
   The malware , dubbed as cabir , infected phones , by copying itself to other devices by opening a Bluetooth connection .


   Also, most of the famous celebs have also got their private information and photos from their phone leaked through mobile malwares or some other ways of hacking.

 Android :

   It is the most popular smartphones Operating system based on their consumer usage, it is open source and has been developed by Google after bought it from its original developer’s. Later on , Open handset Alliance also adapted Android , for their devices.
  So, what makes Android so famous and popular among the users ? The answer is over a million application to choose from and download. An android user gets access to the Android Market (not known as Google Play), from where he could download and install application directly to his phone.
 On the other hand, for mobile app developer, they could publish their app to the marketplace , by just signing up for the developer account ( costing as cheap as $25) and them uploading their applications. An interesting point to note there is that fact that Google has no official review of application , before they are placded in marketplace. This also means , if a developer makes a malicious application , he could easily public it to the marketplace , and then get user to download this application .
Cases like this have been seen a lot in the past , where developer have uploaded a “malicious” application/trojans to the market place.

Android Malwares.

 Just like malware in the computers, malware exist in phones as well . The malwares perform functions, which have been specified by te developer of the malware .
  1. Send premium rated messages to international numbers
  2. Steal personal Information including call logs, contact , text message , etc…
  3. Black hat SEO , pay per click , Ads .
  4. Make the device a part of s big botnet setup
Some of the famous Android Malwares , which have existed in the recent past ,
Are : DroidDream , Geinimi , DogoWar , loveTrap , HippoSMS and many more.


Analysing Android Malwares

  To analyse Android Malware , download a sample malware from the internet ,
  Let’s say , we want to analyse a malware named Fake SMS Installer infecting a legitimate application SuiConFo.
  We have the malware apk with us “SuiConFo.apk” (which is a infected version of the original application ). The first step would be to run the Malware in an emulator.
  Emulator is a virtual phone environment that comes with Android SDK . It helps the app development to test their application and it’s functionally on a phone , before they publish it to the market .
   For the following part , we need to br familiar with ADB . ADB or Android debug Bridge is a command line utility , which let’s us interact with any device connected.

Baisc mobile security tips.

  •      Never leave your phone unattended. Keeping your phone with you in the slightest degree times whereas during a public place is that the initial, best rule to follow.
  •       Change your phone’s default passcode. Your phone probably comes with a straightforward, foreseeable default secret, and people UN agency apprehend will use this to their advantage. modification your code to one thing a lot of complicated, and resist the standard “1234,” “0000” and “2580” codes that area unit ordinarily used.
  •      Manage your Bluetooth Security. Avoid victimization unprotected Bluetooth networks and switch off your Bluetooth service after you aren’t victimization it.
  •       Protect your PIN and mastercard Data. Use a protected app to store PIN numbers and credit cards, or higher nonetheless, don’t store them in your phone At all.

New ways to protect your phone from hacking

  • Avoid unsecured public WIFI .
  • Turn off auto update features .
  • Use security apps that increase protection.
  • Regularly delete your browser history , Cache , Cookies .
 Mobile hacking platform :
      Remember :
  •       if the thought of hacking has you agitated and turning at nighttime, you’ll simply flip the phone off, take away the battery and conceal it underneath your pillow for a few sweet lithium-ion evoked dreams. Or, you’ll double down on securing your mobile devices with mobile security solutions providing secure internet browsing and time period defense against phishing attacks.

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